A country lane winds majestically into the deep forest. In the middle of magnificent nature, and the mystery of the woods, Losby Gods emerges. The manor reveals itself surrounded by a calm and a harmony. You have entered the heart of the countryside, where rustic charm meets dark mystique of the forest. Welcome to Losby Gods, steeped in over 170 years of history, elegancy and tradition.

The light breaks in through cobalt blue leaded glass windows. Clinking of heavy cutlery against fine porcelain and low-key conversations between guests in the lounge. The restaurant offers traditional manor breakfast, tasty lunch and dinner with fine wine. A historical buzz of long traditions lies like a veil of bygone times over what was once a large farm community in Losby. Losby is the story of the ups and downs of the timber trade, of famous Christiania citizens, recreation, sociability, hospitality and hunting excursions, but also of hard-working homemakers and servants. Losby offers 70 spacious and well-equipped rooms.



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  • doneSecure bicycle storage
  • doneAccess to a bike pump and basic repair tools
  • doneContact details for the nearest bicycle service

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