The ship only harbour in Tromsø for a limited time going south, so this can be a quick way to see the seaside and south end of Tromsø. Going through the city you pass along the wharf close to the sea and through some residential areas.

As you get closer to Sydspissen, you bike on a very pleasant gravel walking path. It is narrow and popular for pedestrians, but usually it´s not many people out walking around midnight.

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    Tromsø Harbour


    Tromsø is one of Norway’s largest fishing ports, an important logistics hub in the Northern Norway and a large cruise port. Many cosy wooden houses meet you when you bike along the harbourside from the city centre. Tromsø´s architecture is an interesting mix of old and new, wood and brick.

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    In Telegrafbukta, you can enjoy the view of the mountains in the distance and there are both nice grassy areas and a sandy beach here. In summertime it does not get dark and it is a special feeling cycling at nighttime under the midnight sun. Just don´t lose track of time and head back to the boat in time. You can choose the same track or the faster bikelane on the mainroad.

Some practical tips

You cycle mainly on bike lanes and pathways, but some cycling in traffic. The trip starts from the harbour, and there you can rent a bicycle if you don't have your own.

Distance: 7,5 km roundtrip
Time: 40 minutes cycling
Surface: 70 % asphalt, 30 % gravel
Safety: Mainly bikelanes and path, some cycling on mainroad
Difficulty: Easy

This tour can be done on north- and southbound ships.

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