11 days cycling.
Occasionally along a busy road.
Kystruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

Kystruta is National Cycle Route no. 1 in Norway, also known as The North Sea Cycle Route – EuroVelo 12. It is a wonderful, but at times challenging, bike ride along the sunny and idyllic coast of Norway. It is varied in surface and terrain, but most of the route you cycle on asphalt and good gravel roads. It follows the coast from Halden in the east to Kristiansand in the west. It´s easy to choose only parts of the trip, as there are plenty of train, boat and bus options along the route.

Couple biking along the coast in Telemark. Photo: Visit Norway

The coastline in Norway is not flat, so be prepared for some meters of height up and down. The small villages come in a row, as do cafés, restaurants and beaches. The summer is great for cycling this tour, although more people must be expected on the roads and hotels, so booking in advance is advisable. Spring and autumn can also be a great time to take this trip. If so, check ferry times in advance, some ferries are only operated during the summertime.

Main route: about 600 km (Halden-Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg-Moss-Oslo-Drammen-Åsgårdstrand-Sandefjord-Langesund-Kragerø-Tvedestrand-Grimstad-Kristiansand).

Public transport: You can travel by bus and train to the cities along the route, and bring your bike on board. See for more details.