Occasionally along a busy road.
Kystruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

From Grimstad to Lillesand, this route follows the paved country road. Be careful after approx. 1 km so you take the right exit. At Svennevig Bru there is a lovely rest area by the water with a beach if you want a swim. Shortly afterwards there is a great waterfall which is also worth taking in.

Overview of Blindleia. Photo: Magnus Furset, Visit Norway

In Lillesand, the route turns inland up to Birkeland. This may look like a detour, but this way you avoid a number of busy roads, especially in the summer. For variety, the stretch on the path along the old Flaksvannbanen is recommended. Follow the map to find the bridge over the river. Some roots and a narrow path must be expected, but it is cycleable and a nice change from the pedestrian- and cycle path that runs along the rather busy Birkelandsveien.

From Birkeland you cycle south again – be sure to cross the bridge over Topdals River, there are no signs here. You cycle on a country road in fairly hilly terrain and eventually along the river all the way to Hamresanden, where there are swimming opportunities, before the last part over the Varoddbrua and into Kristiansand. Southern Norway’s capital is a city with many pleasant areas; everything from the harbor area, town center Kvadraturen to the cozy area around Fiskerbrygga.

Transport from Kristiansand: Trains, buses, boats and planes.

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