7 days cycling.
Asphalt and Gravel.
Occasionally along a busy road.
2500 m ascent, 3490 m descent.
Red '5 Numedalsruta' signs.

Numedalsruta – National Cycle Route 5 – is a delightful journey spanning 280 kilometers from Geilo to Larvik. As you traverse this path, you’ll be treated to a rich diversity of Norwegian landscapes, from the towering mountains surrounding Geilo to the medieval valley of Numedal, and finally to the coastal city of Larvik.

Your ride will mostly be on asphalt roads with low to moderate traffic, although some stretches on smaller gravel roads. Shorter distances on trafficked roads will require a bit of cycling experience. This scenic route encompasses three peaks set against a stunning mountain backdrop, and along the way, you’ll roll through rich cultural landscapes where animals graze peacefully.

Numedalslågen, Norway’s third-longest river, guides you along significant stretches of the route and is popular for salmon fishing. Numedal is known as the Medieval Valley, a name it has earned due to the abundance of stave churches, local historical museums, and traditional storehouses dating back to that era. You’ll find traces of the old Numedalsbanen railway, with opportunities to ride on a trolley from Veggli.

The journey is lined with small towns and villages descending through the valley. Kongsberg, a town with a 400-year-old history tied to silver mines and skiing, also offers train services, making it a convenient start or end point for your trip. Continue on picturesque cultural landscapes of farms and fields. Peaceful small roads with little traffic allow for serene cycling.

The route is marked by signs featuring a red number 5, but be aware that some areas, especially the final part, may lack signage.

Your adventure culminates in the charming coastal town of Larvik in Vestfold, home to Norway’s largest beech forest. From here, you might choose to continue cycling along the Coastal Route (Kystruta). Larvik provides good train connections and also a ferry service to Denmark.

Transportation and Travel Options

We suggest beginning your cycling tour at Geilo, because from Dagalifjellet to Larvik the route has a drop of 1000 meters. Geilo is conveniently accessible by train from Oslo and Bergen.

Train: The train from Bergen and Oslo allows bicycle reservations. Check for time and tickets.

Bus: Bus between Rødberg and Kongsberg allows bicycles, but not reservations. The availability is at the discretion of the bus driver. Check for time and tickets.

Connecting Bicycle Routes