Occasionally along a busy road
Numedalsruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

Numedalsruta is national cycle route no. 5 from Geilo to Larvik, marked with red signs along the road. It follows Numedalslågen, Norway’s third longest river. Along the way you experience a combination of high mountains and coastal landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and cultural landscapes with fields and meadows. From high mountains to Vestfold archipelago.

From Dagalifjellet to Larvik the route has a drop of 1000 meters, so it is important to cycle it in the right direction. Numedalsruta can be nicely divided into sections, and offers experiences for all types of cyclists.

Main route: about 280 km along Numedalslågen (Geilo-Torsetlia-Rødberg-Veggli-Lampeland-Kongsberg-Svarstad-Larvik).

Public transport: You can travel by train to the starting point in Geilo. The train journey is very beautiful and you can bring your bicycle on the train. See for more details.

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