Occasionally along a busy road
Numedalsruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

From Rødberg, it rushes quickly down the valley, and the first 10-12 kilometers goes in mixed traffic on county road 40 and this part can probably be experienced as somewhat unsafe due to narrow road shoulders and some traffic in periods. There is a bus connection down the whole valley, so it is possible to avoid the stretch by bus to Nore.

We recommend you to visit Nore Stave Church before you continue on the road along the river in quiet surroundings. The landscape is characterized by cultural landscape and the proximity to the river Numedalslågen. Numedal is also called the Medieval Valley and there are many old houses, storehouses and stave churches that make their mark on the trip. After a quick trip on county road 40 again at Kravikfjord bridge, it will again be quiet, calm and rural. It carries a little up in height, and with height comes views. In Veggli you can book a room, have dinner, do some shopping and try trolley driving on the disused railway. There is also a great picnic area by the waterfall with facilitation with benches.

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