Occasionally along a busy road
Numedalsruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

The route along this stage is easy cycled on low-traffic minor roads that wind down the valley. On the way towards Rollag you pass the Rollag stave church and village farm, which are worth a stop. In Rollag there is a shop if provisions are needed.

From Rollag, it’s initially idyllic with gravel cycling between farms, but you quickly get out on the county road again for a short period. Follow along so you get the bridge over to Vestside – where it is again becomes quieter. There are a lot of pine trees along the route here.

The cycling continues further south, and turn off at the signs for Lampeland. This gives a deviation from it national route, but this route is recommended not least because of the pedestrian and cycle path that has been laid out between Lampeland and Svene, which gives 5 km of safe cycling. In the town of Lampeland it is hotels, shops, catering and sports shop.

Photo: Gunnar Bækkevold, Visit Norway.

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