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Pilgrimsruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

Pilgrimsruta, also known as National Cycle Route No. 7, stretches from the picturesque town of Halden to the vibrant city of Trondheim, weaving its way through the heart of Norway. In this feature, we focus on the captivating journey from Halden to Lillehammer.

Halden, an enchanting small town nestled against the Iddefjord on the Swedish border, is home to the magnificent Fredriksten Fortress. Its cobblestone streets, quaint shops, inviting restaurants, scenic river promenades, and charming guest harbor make it an idyllic starting point.

Sarpsborg, founded a millennium ago by King Saint Olof the Holy, boasts one of Norway’s most innovative science centers for children and enjoys the highest number of sunny days in the country. In the charming coastal town of Fredrikstad, you can explore the historic district of the Old Town, encircled by a formidable 17th-century wall. Inside, cobblestone streets guide you to delightful shops and cozy cafés.

Moss, a historic industrial city, is renowned for its galleries and contemporary art scene, as well as its 50 beaches and unique hotels overlooking the Oslo Fjord. Oslo, Norway’s trendsetting capital, attracts tourists from around the globe with its cutting-edge architecture and stunning natural beauty, making it the perfect city to explore by bike.

The route continues through Eidsvoll, where the Norwegian Constitution was penned and adopted in 1814. Cyclists will be treated to a splendid cultural landscape of charming rural roads and picturesque farms nestled within a lush countryside between Mjøsli and Hamar.

Lillehammer, situated in the enchanting Gudbrandsdalen valley, is the final stop on this featured journey. Be sure to visit Maihaugen, an open-air museum that offers a captivating glimpse into Norway’s rich history and heritage.

Main route: approx 380 km (Halden-Sarpsborg/Fredrikstad-Moss-Oslo-Dal-Mjøsli-Hamar-Lillehammer).

Public transport: You can travel by bus and train to the cities along the route, and bring your bicycle on board. See for more details.

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