Occasionally along a busy road
Pilgrimsruta is marked with red signs along the road. You can download a digital map in your smartphone.

During this stage there are some uphills, but you are rewarded with a nice view so it’s worth it. After the first 6 kilometres, it is definitely worth making a stop at Eidsvoll 1814. Here there are guided tours of the Eidsvoll building and many other activities, in addition to a cafe and a nice park along the river.

From Eidsvoll train station you can choose between 2 routes: The one on the west side of Vorma (11 km), via Trondheimsveien and Eidsvollsveien on National Bicycle Route 7. You can also choose the more hilly and longer road Fv177 ) (14 km) on the east side of Vorma where you can avoid the traffic noise from the E6.

From Minnesund, a long stretch runs on a flat and easy-cycle hiking trail along a disused railway. There are also small roads with little traffic and this is a very nice part of today’s stage where you cycle along Norway’s largest lake – Lake Mjøsa. At Morskogen guard house, there is a nice green area where it is nice to have a break. A proper uphill awaits the last 3 km to Mjøsli Lodge, but from there there is a nice view of Lake Mjøsa. Here you can rent cabins, including the special Konglehytta.

Public transport: You can travel by train to/from Dal and you can bring your bicycle on the train. See for more details.

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