3 days cycling.
Occasionally along a busy road.
1192 m ascent, 2161 m descent.
Rallarvegen is partially signposted and easy to follow, but you can download the digital map in advance to your smartphone.

Embarking on the Rallarvegen bicycle route is to immerse oneself in the stunning high-mountain nature at the heart of Norway. Beginning at Haugastøl, this 81-km trail invites cyclists to relive history as they traverse the very paths carved out during the construction of the famed Bergensbanen railway. As you pedal along, the dramatic Myrdalsvingene will guide you from towering mountain peaks down towards the ocean, culminating in the picturesque village of Flåm. Beyond the thrill of the ride, one can seamlessly combine cycling with a train journey, adding the allure of the renowned Flåmsbana railway as an unmissable attraction.

With its title as Norway’s most acclaimed cycle route, the Rallarvegen promises both challenge and reward. While the terrain can be demanding with its varying slopes and surfaces, it’s the unparalleled natural beauty that remains the enduring highlight of this journey. Cyclists should brace for the unpredictable weather and some occasional car traffic in Flåmsdalen, but with preparation and a sturdy gravel bike, the route is an unforgettable adventure. Although the bike season is typically from July to September, it’s advisable to check the current status and book your trip and accommodation well in advance, ensuring the most mesmerizing experience in this Norwegian wonder.

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Transportation and Travel Options

Book train tickets at From Oslo or Bergen, take the Bergensbanen to Haugastøl station. If cycling, reserve bicycle space ahead of time. The Haugastøl Tourist Center, starting point of Rallarvegen, is 800 meters from the station. In Flåm, catch the Flåmsbana to Myrdal, ensuring bicycle space if needed. Conclude with the Bergen Railway from Myrdal to Oslo or Bergen.

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