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From the very beginning, this stage along the Rallarvegen is a nature experience of the very best. Here you cycle in a fantastic high mountain landscape. Nature is completely raw. There are dirt roads all the way and in some places a bit rocky. Also be prepared that there may be some snow up here and it may be necessary to wheel the bike for shorter periods.

The weather can change quickly and mobile coverage is poor. The actual cycling today is not very demanding, but there are parts where it goes down quite steeply with some loose gravel and poor protection, so take it easy here. This is some of the most beautiful Norwegian nature has to offer, so remember to enjoy the day and all the impressions. At regular intervals, you also see the train passing by and the superstructures that are supposed to protect the train from the snow in winter.

Feel free to stop by the Fagernut cafe for a small snack and history of the route. A little over halfway on today’s stage, you reach Hallingskeid, where there is a train station and the Norwegian Tourist Association has its overnight cabin. The many rivers, waterfalls and lakes create a wonderful variety. It gradually rolls down before the last bend goes up to Vatnahalsen. Here is today’s goal, the Vatnahalsen høyfjellhotell, surrounded by mountains and on the edge towards Flåmsdalen. Bicycle trailers are not recommended on today’s stage!

100% gravel and stone. 400 altitude meters up/800 altitude meters down.

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