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One of the first things you see on today’s stage along Rallarvegen is the Flåm Zipline, which was built to transport people and cycle down the rock face suspended in mid-air. It’s exciting to watch, but a real rallar takes the bike down.

It is just as exciting, with the incredibly winding and steep Myrdalsvinge. Here it is so steep that it is important to take it very slowly – some people prefer to roll the bike at times. There are a total of 21 hairpin turns to be passed. The landscape is more lush, there are waterfalls, green and forested. The Flåmselva flows all the way to the bottom of the valley and it is followed all the way to the town of Flåm, which is located by the Aurlandsfjorden – part of the Sognefjorden. Along the way, you pass the cozy Rallarrosa Stølsysteri yard where there is a café and you can say hello to the goats that wander freely.

Once in Flåm, there are good opportunities for a bite to eat on several cafes. Now the cycle ride is over, but with the Flåmsbana, a really great train ride awaits. It takes you and the bike up again through the same fantastic landscape and with stops at, among other things, Kjosfossen where you can experience the Huldra dancing. The train journey ends at Myrdal station, close to Vatnahalsen. Here you change trains to Bergensbanen for the journey ahead. Be aware of any oncoming car traffic in Flåmsdalen. Bicycle trailers are not recommended on today’s stage!

75 % asphalt, 25 % gravel. 300 altitude meters up/1.100 altitude meters down (on gravel road).

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