Where the Mountains are High, the Fjords are Deep and the Sea is Endless

The city, filled with Art Nouveau architecture since its reconstruction after the 1904-fire, nestles in the north-west of Norway. A brief hike up the town mountain Aksla offers a panoramic view of this charming, compact city. Allow yourself to be tempted by the prospect of island hopping, or venture into the fjord towards Geiranger to witness the enchanting Sunnmøre Alps.

If you travel with Hurtigruten from Bergen, you´ll arrive Ålesund in the morning. If you don’t bring your own bike, rentals are available. The city center is small and quaint, with several bridges connecting it. Just outside the center, you’ll find the Atlanterhavsparken, a magnificent aquarium, surrounded by hiking areas. Leave your bike and hike up the local Sukkertoppen mountain, 314 meters above sea level, for breathtaking views.

Starting in Ålesund, you can enjoy a spectacular nature experience that is fairly easy to cycle, with little traffic. Short ferry rides and cycling into Hjørundfjord and Norangsdalen provide intimate encounters with the Sunnmøre Alps. Stay at historic hotels and savor a taste of Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boats from Geiranger can take you back to Ålesund.

Another great trip is to head north to the city of Molde. This route also involves several ferry crossings. Along the way, experience the Midsund stairs, and if you have time, take a hike on some of the world’s longest continuous stone stairs. The view from the top is utterly spectacular.

Points of Interest

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Getting Here

Hurtigruten/Havila Kystruten
Time northbound: 09:45 AM - 08:00 PM*
Time southbound: 00:30 AM - 01:20 AM
hurtigruten.no and havilavoyages.com share the route - check both companies for info and tickets.
* Note the changes during seasons for Northbound. In summer and autumn, the ship leaves Ålesund at daytime to sail the fjords. Timetable in Ålesund:
June - August: 09:45 AM - 10:00 AM + 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
September - October: 09:45 AM - 10: AM + 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Local ferries/High speed ferries
Several ferries from the harbour of Ålesund. Check info at entur.no

High speed ferry between Geiranger-Ålesund
Geiranger Fjordservice operates the route between Geiranger and Ålesund. Bikes are allowed.

Ålesund Airport is located at Vigra Island outside the city. The tunnels are closed for cyclists, but it´s possible to bike 8,5 km and take the high speed ferry from Valderøya to Ålesund. The airport bus also allows bikes. Check info at entur.no

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