Norway's westernmost city – surrounded by mountains and sea and numerous small islands

Feel free to come here as early as April, if the weather is nice. You’ll enjoy small-town charm with cafes and shops, a coastal museum, sandy beaches, and spectacular natural experiences.

Bring your own bike or rent from the tourist office. Check opening hours outside of season. It’s easy to explore the local attractions from the saddle of the bike. From the harbour, local boats take you out to many of the islands – each with its own unique characteristics – Askrova, Svanøy, Reksta and Kinn. Here, cycling can often be combined with great hiking. Make sure to bring food and water – some of the islands have no cafe or store.

Travelling to Florø can be done by car or plane, but the best way to arrive is by boat. The express boat from Bergen or the Hurtigruten/Havila Kystruten from Ålesund is an experience in itself.

Several hotels offers accommodations in Florø.

Points of Interest

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Getting Here

Hurtigruten/Havila Kystruten
Time northbound: 02:45 - 03:00 AM
Time southbound: 08:15 - 08:30 AM and share the route - check both companies for info and tickets. Changes may occure.

High Speed ferry
From Bergen with high speed ferry to Florø in 3,5 hours. Check for info and tickets.

Local ferry
Local ferries from the harbour to the islands. Be aware few departures pr. day. Usually out in the afternoon and back in the evening. You buy tickets onboard. Check for info.

Florø Airport is located 3 km outside the city.