The capital of the south – long cycling season, most sunshine hours a year – by the ocean

Kristiansand can offer beaches and smooth coastal rocks, charming white wooden houses, and lively docks, along with art, culture, vibrant city life, seafood, and ice cream! It’s also a hub for national cycling routes like Kystruta and Setesdalsruta. Travel here by bike, boat, train, plane, or car and embark on your own Southern Norway adventure!

The biking season kicks off early in the south. Consider arriving in May or June to beat the July rush. Or enjoy the autumn colors in September. If you don’t have a bike, there are several rental options, including electric bikes.

Cycle around for a quick sightseeing tour; it’s a great way to see more. Did you know Kristiansand boasts a charming botanical garden at Gimle Farm just outside the city center? Follow up with a forest trip to Vaffelhytta, learn about ancient architecture at the Kristiansand Museum, and visit several of the beautiful beaches around the city.

It’s possible to cycle from town to town along the coast, both to the west and east. Southern Norway is famed for its charming white coastal towns. You can read more about Kystruta here. Another option for a cycling adventure is to explore Setesdalen. This valley offers plenty of experiences with its stunning nature and rich cultural heritage. You can find more information about Setesdalsruta here.

Points of Interest

    Getting Here

    High Speed ferry
    ColorLine operates the high speed ferry between Kristiansand and Hirtshals (Denmark).

    Bus Transportation
    Bikes can be taken on buses if there is space. The driver decides. Avoid rush hour.

    Trains from Oslo or Stavanger offers reservation for bikes. For more information, see

    Kristiansand Airport is located 15 km outside the city. The bikelane follows Kystruta National Cycleroute 1.

    Nearby Bicycle Routes