A compact city center with nature all around in the north of Norway

Tromsø is often called the “Paris of the North” and the “Gateway to the Arctic Ocean”. A beloved place, with many names. Surrounded by majestic mountains and with sea on all sides, it attracts outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. On a bike, you quickly get close to nature and have many great experiences to look forward to. With the city as a starting point, there are many opportunities for day trips and if you travel here during summer, it is so bright that you don´t want to go to bed.

The Tromsø Island has so much to offer – sea, beaches, hills, lakes, shops, museums and cafes. Add some great views of mountains all around and you will have a great day in Tromsø. Use the bike to see the main attractions like the Arctic Cathedral, the Cable Car “Fjellheisen” or the beautiful beach at Telegrafbukta. A longer daytrip to Ersfjordbotn takes you out of the city and to the picturesque fjord with a charming café. Watch out for reindeers on the road!

Be prepared of changing weather. This city is up north and it can be wind, rain and snow – all year. There are a lot of places to stay, eat and drink in this vibrant city, if you need to warm up. As this is a hub in northern Norway, it´s easy to travel around to explore other part with boats or buses.

MTB Tromsø

At the top of Tromsøya you can have some fun cycling on several paths, starting from Charlottenlund. It´s also possible to bring your bike on the Cable Car “Fjellheisen” to the mountain Fløya and there are several paths down from the mountain.

Gravel Tromsø

Tromsøya is good for gravel bikes, with a lot of up and down on the gravel roads and paths.

Road cycling Tromsø

If you like road cycling there are plenty of routes on asphalt. Cycling around the Tromsø Island is popular. Crossing the Kvaløya Bridge opens for a lot of trips towards Kaldfjorden and Sommarøy going south and Kvaløyvågen going north. At the Mainland side you cross Tromsø Bridge and go north to Oldervik or south to Olavsvern.

Getting Here

Time north: 14:15-18:15
Time south: 23:45-01:30

High Speed ferry
Bicycles can be taken on the high speed ferry going north or south. https://fylkestrafikk.no/meny/billetter-og-priser/hurtigbat/

Bus Transportation
Bicycles can be taken on buses if there is enough space.

Tromsø Airport Langnes is located 6-7 km from city center. There are several cycling options from the airport to the city.