Bikes on Buses and Trains

You can bring your bike on many buses, trains, and boats in Norway. Sometimes you need to reserve a space in advance and sometimes you can buy a ticket after boarding.


Three companies operate the train routes in Norway: Vy, GoAhead Nordic, and SJ Nord. Some lines allow advance reservations for bikes while others depend on free space. The price for a bike is often the same as a child’s ticket. E-bikes can be taken on trains but their batteries cannot be charged on board. Arrive at the station in advance and check for more info on public transportation.

When it´s not possible to book a place in advance, you must turn up and hope it is available space. It may depend on the number of travelers, wheelchairs and strolleys on board. The staff decides whether there is room for bicycles.

On some trains, the doors are marked with a bicycle or strolley. On other trains, the bicycle must be placed on designated areas so check with the staff.

Tip 1: Arrive at the station well in advance of departure when traveling with bike.

Tip 2: Check out to find public transportation in Norway regardless of company.


In Norway, local and regional bus routes are operated by various companies. Check with the specific company for latest information, as some require seat reservation and some do not accept bikes. Taking a bike on the bus depends on space and is decided by the driver, making it unpredictable. It is possible to take a bike on the bus with a greater chance if avoiding rush hour. Some bus companies like Nor-Way Bussekspress offer the option to book a space for your bike in advance for a fee, which guarantees room for your bike.

For more detailed information, check out this page at Norway by Bike.

Photo: Visit Norway.