Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Regarding data protection at Norway by Bike

As a customer or supplier to Norway by Bike, you should feel secure when you submit your personal information to us. To that end, we are constantly working on various security measures to protect the personal data for which we are responsible. Here we have compiled information on how we do to process customers ‘and suppliers’ personal data in a secure manner.

The information applies to our personal data policy for external contacts and the handling of so-called cookies. Contact us at if you have questions about our policy or data protection.

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New rules on the handling of personal data

GDPR is a legislation that applies to the handling of personal data. It goes under the designation Data Protection Regulation and becomes effective May 25, 2018.

Norway by Bike works with secure handling of personal data in a number of ways. When we process personal data we follow a policy, we have a personal data register and technical security solutions to protect the personal data.